Cheerio mate! Our holiday in Australia has come to an end and we want to get our tax refund before we say Toodle-oo to Australia. The Tourist Refund Scheme lets tourists reclaim some of the money they paid out on taxes, while visiting Australia. But the key is to do so, before we leave the country.

What purchases apply for this refund?

Really, who doesn’t love a tax refund, some extra money in our pocket? Lets first review what purchases apply for this tax refund. 1) It was purchased sixty days before leaving Australia 2) You spent more than $300 at certain store, may it be on one receipt or many receipts. 3) You have the original receipt, no photocopies, pictures, or handwritten memoirs of our receipts. 4) You, yourself purchased the item 5) You must be wearing or carrying the purchased items with you in your carry-ons, the only exception is if they are liquids or over-sized items, that have been previously verified by an officer. Now, that was easy, is there something that doesn’t apply for this wonderful tax return? Yes, there are a few items, as we will see in the following paragraph.

What purchases don’t apply for this tax return?

Actually, the list of purchases that doesn’t apply for the tax refunds isn’t too long. Click here.

1) Purchases of spirits, beer and tobacco products are not eligible, happily wine is allowed. 2) Any products that were already tax free, such as medicine and certain foods. 3) Any services that we received in Australia, hotel stays, transport, food, tours, etc. That is obvious because we can’t take them with us literally. 4) Gift cards or vouchers. 5) Any items that have previously been used inside Australia, such as perfume that we purchased in Australia and opened to use there. 5) Any items that will not physically be travelling with us out of the country, on our means of transport. We will need to review all our tax receipts to see if any GST or WET has been applied to them, then decide if it applies for a tax return or not.

How Can I apply for my Refund?

There are a couple of ways; oneway is you can make your claim in person as you are departing the country. You can make the tax return, at the international airports or at the departure area for the cruise liner terminal. Just make sure you give yourself enough time for your departure, as there could be long line-ups to receive your tax refundand you wouldn’t want to miss your flight or cruise ship. Also, make sure you have all your original tax receipts in order and ready to show to the clerk for your tax refund.  Another way, to apply for your tax refund is online at

Australia has made some new apps that make the process of receiving our tax refund even smoother. You will need to enter the details of your purchases for your claim. Feel free to check out the above link for more information.

How much Will I Get Back and When?

It all depends on how much you spent on purchases that apply to the tax refund law. You will be refunded the total GST you paid and the total WET on items that apply to the tax return. Will I be refunded cash right there? No, you will receive a tax refund in about 2 months time to your credit card. What if I do not have a credit card for my tax refund to be deposited to? You can provide details to your bank account in your home country and it will be deposited there, in about 2 months after departing Australia.

So if, you are travelling to Australia soon, before you go, check out the requirements at and make sure you keep all your tax receipts to receive your tax return.

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